Monday, 12 January 2015

Our Security analysis of the week for you to know why we are so harsh on those who support the Khawarij.

History is noting the names of those who betrayed Pakistan & Ummat e Rasul in these very dangerous times. Our Security analysis of the week for you to know why we are so harsh on those who support the Khawarij. Some of you from Deoband are angry with me today but tomorrow you will weep when these Khawarij will enter your homes too. You have been betrayed by your elders but you do not know. Your jahalat will destroy you in dunya and akhira but then it would be too late for you too. Your abuses dont bother me. But I will NOT let your elders from deoband destroy Pakistan.


The most decisive, bloodiest and the widespread phase of the deployed 5th Generation War against Pakistan has now begun. It is going to be messy and lots of blood is going to be spilled from all sides involved in this 21st century conflict which has already decimated large Muslim countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Yemen & Afghanistan. Pakistan is the only country where this war is being won by the national army. All other countries just folded under this new war doctrine deployed by the US and NATO. This is what makes this war so dangerous, deadly and a high stake game.

US came to Afghanistan and entered into Iraq to dismember large Muslim countries into smaller territories under an initial doctrine of 4th GenWar, which had Balkanized Yugoslavia earlier in the 90's. If the US was not able to cleanly break the countries on ethnic and linguistic lines, then the plan B, 5th GenWar, was to burn them into a total chaos and anarchy, which we see today in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Libya primarily.

Till 2007, the game plan against Pakistan was also the 4th Gen War but the resistance by the Pak army made the dismemberment impossible. Then Obama introduced the Af-Pak which was to go in tandem with the 4thGenWar to raise it to the next level - 5thGenWar - total demolition of the State of Pakistan and to burn it into total anarchy and chaos as we have in Iraq especially. Iraq, does not have a govt today. It only has an administration with NO armed forces worth their name. Fruits of the "democracy" US brought there.
Same attempt was made for Pakistan also. Democracy led by Zardari, Iftikhar Chaudrey, Kayani and Nawaz Shareef was meant to demolish the very state of Pakistan.

Indians saw this US plan as the greatest opportunity of the 21st century to achieve their own grand strategic objectives of annihilation of the very state of Pakistan. Both US and Indian interests converged and this began the most deadliest, brutal and anarchic phase of war which have so far taken over 100,000 lives and counting..

Since 2004 till date, Pakistan army was only fighting a reactive war, trying to defend it, defend the country without any political, judicial or
Constitutional support. The initiative was with the enemy and their
tentacles had penetrated deep into the organs of the state, judiciary,
politics and media. Defeat was staring the Pakistani state into the eyes.

The appointment of General Raheel few months back and then the appointment of General Rizwan in November proved to be the game changing events which have begun to turn the tide finally in favor of Pakistan. December 16th massacre proved to be the event which finally broke the proverbial camel's back and the COAS leaped into action, backed by his trusted DG ISI, into an action plan which should have been done by Musharraf and Kayani years ago.

Now we see a most determined counter attack by the army, already achieving the results within days which most considered impossible to achieve just weeks ago. The entire constitution has been changed to adjust the military's demand of military courts, military courts have already been formed, executions have already begun and terrorists are being hit deep inside Afghanistan. The enemies are in panic and would try to expand the war to diffuse the momentum of Pak army. Politicians and the judiciary as well as the media are equally venomous, humiliated and dangerous as the terrorists themselves. They would stab the army at the first opportunity. We are sure
of that. Already MQM is opening up the Karachi front and the Indians are building up pressure on the East.

For the Pakistan army and the State itself, defeat is not an option. No
matter what the cost, this war must be won in shortest possible time. It will be brutal and bloody fight, but so be it. Pak army will have to guard its back and flanks from treacherous govt and politicians as well as hostile media and a cunning enemy on the East. For how long army would tolerate this present unreliable corrupt regime in this deadly and final phase of this war, needs to be seen but there is NO doubt that Pak army is led by most competent proud and brave leaders at the time when Pakistan needed it most. This is the only consolation in these very dark times.