Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Our duty, our misison... Khawarij can go to hell !


The Ummah is under attack from Mushriks, Khawarij and Zionists and major Muslim lands have been decimated, millions killed and forced to migrate into camps. Today Pakistan is under attack as well.

BrassTacks is the only Muslim Think Tank in the Ummah which forewarned the Muslim leaders of this calamity. We are giving our azaan since 1999, even before 9/11.

We are the only Think Tank who is fighting on the front line of defending the country in this 5th Gen War -- protecting the armed forces, our ideology, exposing the enemy plans, attacking the traitors and enemies alike ! We are in Media for the last 7 years and alhamdolillah, have turned the tables against the enemies. Now our policies are being accepted by the army and deployed against the Khawarij, while we continue to guide the patriots and fight on the information warfare axis.

Who can be against our mission in this heat of the war ?? Know this clearly -- Only a certified idiot or an open munafiq would be against us and our mission. It is like attacking Pakistan army in fight between India and Pakistan. NO Muslim can do that.

Yet, you find many snakes attacking us, trying to block our mission, trying to destroy us and the mission. Alhamdolillah, they have all failed so far, despite spending billions to stop our mission, despite create most venomous propaganda, court cases, economic blockades and physical attacks.

Almost the entire enemy team which is fighting against us is either from Deoband or from Liberal secular Geo groups. Tahir Asharafi and Mufti Naeem are both part of Khawarij and also Geo/SAFMA at the same time. They are all paid, funded, supported by the RAW. Most filthy of the beyghairat Mullahs, deen farosh, Imaan farosh, watan farosh ! Fazal, Samee are also the same. TJ stays silent while Ummah is being decimated.. holding his tasbeeh telling people to do astaghfar while Khawarij rape our sisters and kill our children... He is one of them too but some of you still cant see that.

Khawarij and their suporters should see that times have changed now. The Ummah and the Millat knows them and their crimes. Now Pak army has drawn its swords and we are cutting the necks of the Khawarij and their supporters. Now we will NOT allow them to serve their Mushrik and Dajjali masters to attack Ummat e Rasul (sm). They can bark as much as they want, but they will remain the dogs of hell and we will send them there inshAllah !!

BrassTacks is the fighting arm of Pakistan. We defend our nation, armed forces and the ideology. We decide who is the patriot and who is an enemy, alhamdolillah !! This is a duty given to us by Allah (swt) and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and we will do it with full force, inshAllah ! Khawarij and Mushriks can go to hell !!