Thursday, 5 March 2015

India attempting the same Israeli game plan in Pakistan also - through "ISIS" of their own -- TTP & BLA ! Epic fail !

It was an Israeli game plan all along -- from removal of Saddam to balkanizaiton of Iraq/Syria to creation of ISIS !

India attempting the same Israeli game plan in Pakistan also - through "ISIS" of their own -- TTP & BLA ! Epic fail !

For the first time in 2000 years, Zionist Jews have attained such power over humanity. Now they are playing gods...

Real profit is NOT in selling weapons but in the Debt that these wars create, sending humanity into perpetual slavery

Behind every war, there is a Jewish banker, whose profit lies in perpetuating wars, expanding Israel & creating debts

As Israel expands, Palestine shrinks! The cursed Jews, given the Muslim lands by the British in debt to Jewish banks

At a time when the sun never used to set on the British empire, the empire itself was in debt to the Bank of England's Jewish owners! In case you don't know, the Federal Reserve & Bank of England are private Jewish banks, NOT owned by US or British govt! smile emoticon Yes, its true! When wise men within US spoke of this mega crime, they were called idiots, conspiracy theorist by the real Morons!

Many US Presidents tried to resists the power of the Jewish Bankers - Most were assassinated. Lincoln, Kennedy..

Some were blackmailed into submission like this guy! He knew he has destroyed his nation & handed it to the vampires!

This is how the entire loan, debt creation, loan repayment, default process occurs! Fiat non-existent currency loaned

That's why Kennedy was killed... He tried to start real currency, bypassing the Jewish Federal Reserve! Paid the price..

Behind every government, democracy, dictatorship, capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism - there is a Jew Banker!

It is difficult to remain sane once you know the scale & monstrosity of the crime by the Jewish bankers! Entire world is enslaved now.. NO other religion has any response to this Jewish mega scam & crimes against humanity except Muslims! Quran declares war on Banks, Usury!! Prophet Isa (Jesus) also attacked & overturned the tables of the Jew bankers in Jerusalem. Then they plotted to assassinate him. Its Bible! In the end, it would only be Muslims making a stand against these Bankers. Christian faith & society is annihilated by Jewish Banksters!

For 2000 years, Christians mistreated & humiliated the Jews for "murdering" Prophet Isa (Jesus). Now the Jews have taken very harsh revenge! Europe is dominantly Christian but the naive people do not realize that the Jews have chewed them alive!! NO Jew has forgiven Christians!! There is NO Christianity left in Europe now. Every act these Christians do is against the teachings of Prophet Isa(Jesus). Every act literally. Are these Christian faith values ?? Adultery, Usury, Alcohol, broken families, lust for wealth & high life, murders, rapes, divorces...

It is true that even Muslims do not practice their faith these days but the Quran remains intact -- Code & the Constitution remains pure! Humanity has no chance now except to revert back to the only existing divine code of religious law left to man else its annihilation by Debt.

Even Christian arch bishops fear that Christian faith would die away in a generation - the ultimate revenge by Jews!…/Christianity-at-risk-of-dying-…