Monday, 30 November 2015

Every Indian Zionist puppy in Pakistan is after our blood -- from Geo to Safma to Khawarij of TTP.

For many years, enemies, Indians, Khawarij and liberal beyghairats in pak media have been trying to prove that BrassTacks is a "self styled" Think Tank which is not taken seriously by our national policy makers in the armed forces. Many question our credentials to speak on serious military matters. They try to console themselves that army does not take us seriously :-)

But to the horror of all enemies, the fact is exactly the opposite. For the last 15 years, BrassTacks, as a totally independent private org, is doing serious National Security Research into various war doctrines, warning and educating the armed forces ahead of time and developing response strategies. We not just developed the response strategies but also deployed them to counter the hostile narrative.

This fact is well respected, appreciated and acknowledged by the finest institutes and offices of our armed forces, alhamdolillah. Haters can burn in their rage but the fact remains that even the worst enemies know that BrassTacks is their biggest threat and their entire investment of billions of dollars into their 4th and 5th Gen wars have been destroyed by a small band of patriots in BT who fought back and supported our armed forces when the entire nation was stunned, confused and in despair.

This is the reason, when I was arrested in Saudi Arabia because of a RAW plot, no less then Indian foreign Minister Sushma demanded from the Saudi govt that I should be handed over to India ! India's number one enemy is BrassTacks, Alhamdolillah, a fact which honors us !!! That is every Indian Zionist puppy in Pakistan is after our blood -- from Geo to Safma to Khawarij of TTP.

For most of you, we are presenting some tokens of appreciation for the BT team received from our beloved armed forces. These are all retired officers, so there is no harm or breach of confidentiality in sharing them now.

All those who say that we are only FB mujahids and not doing anything "practical", should stay silent from now on please :-)

Our duty continues alhamdolillah. Rascals can continue to remain in denial :-)