Thursday, 8 September 2016

In 1946, QuaideAzam addressed people of USA & explained why we need to divide India.. a stunning epic of history..

Here we destroy the total myth of the liberal secular beyghairat Brigade that Quaid wanted a secular Pakistan. This is a speech which Quaid did to the people of United States, even before Pakistan was crreated !! Just imagine, the stature and respect of Quaid that BBC aired this speech to entire world and in USA.

Pakistan was orphaned once we lost our founding father... a true benevolent leader.. wise, dignified, loved.... today, his Muslim league has been hijacked by scoundrels putting the millet to shame..

He explains why we want Pakistan. He explains what two nation ideology is. He explains why Hindu Zionists are a cancer Muslims cannot live with. Why Pakistan is necessary? why India must be divided...

Most of you have never heard this... with Urdu subtitles, spread this powerfully...

This one speech destroys the entire argument of Hindus, Deoband Kharji Mullahs, Liberal beyghairats and seculars.. Just imagine how badnaseeb were those who opposed creation of Pakistan and joined hands with Mushriks..