Monday, 15 October 2012

Pak army must do all in its means to stop these attacks from Khawarij and Crusaders..

This paper is written by an American think tank and few points must be made clear. They have openly acknowledged that JSOC (joint special operations Command), the real secret terrorists of CIA are operating in Pakistan. They have openly acknowledged that drones are killing civilian people and this would increase hatred for US. This report from their own sources is a damning acknowledgement of the war crimes of the CIA and Obama.

A para from the report reads:

"In this report, we describe how, as covert drone strikes by the United States become increasingly frequent and widespread, reliance on the precision capabilities and touted effectiveness
of drone technology threatens to obscure the impact on civilians. Even if drone operations outside of traditional conflict zones are found to be legal and to result in relatively few civilian
casualties, the authors of this report would nevertheless be concerned with the long-term impact of such operations on the civilian population, the precedent-setting nature of these
operations, accountability for the CIA and JSOC’s actions, and the inherent limitations these operations to properly address civilian harm."

Now, the same gang is trying to exploit the Malala incident to force Pakistan to wage a war in North Waziristan, when in reality, those who are waging a war against Pakistan and who attacked Malala are based in Kunar under the protection of CIA. That the media and the treacherous Zardari regime is not talking about.

Pakistani nation and patriotic media must fight back this propaganda from the enemies who are trying to exploit our emotions on Malala case.

The time has come for us to make a decisive stand against drones and TTP. Pak army must do all in its means to stop these attacks from Khawarij and Crusaders.. They are both same and enemies of Medina e Sani. Khair inshAllah.