Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Let the emotions calm down...will post a full analysis of the Zulm being done by the govt and Ulama in the name of Blasphemy..

Jew came to Hazrat Issa (as) brought a woman who had committed adultery.. they wanted to stone her to death.. and wanted permission from Hazrat Issa.

This was a trap.. ! If Hazrat Issa had allowed the stoning, an innocent girl would have died.. ! If he had refused it, the jews would scream that he is not following the laws of God.

Hazrat Issa saw it and replied "anyone of you who has NOT committed adultery yourself, should throw the stone... " upon hearing this, the whole crowd melted away as all of them were sinners themselves..

Similarly, People came to Allama Iqbal and asked him to do sifarish for Ghazi Ilm deen with British Governor.. ! Allama Iqbal refused ...and said "If Ghazi ilm deen wants Shahadat, I will NEVER beg the Christian rulers for his life"... !

Now what will you say to this act of Baba Iqbal ? Has he helped the murder of Ghazi Ilm Deen OR he knew there is greater khair and wisdom in staying silent on this issue.. ??

Deobandi Ulama are already supporting the Khawarij and are after my blood :-)

Now if I speak the truth on Blasphemy laws, their application in the country, mistakes of scholars and how it is being misused and whether street justice is justified or not and under what conditions, then even the others will not be able to digest the blunder this nation is making and more chaos and confusion will begin..

As I said, this is an extremely sensitive issue which require extremely cool head, vast knowledge about laws and legal system of Pakistan and Sharia and a close circle of learned men to discuss it. Major mistakes are being made here, both by Ulama and by the government and the emotions are so high that sanity has gone out of the window.

Let the emotions calm down...will post a full analysis of the Zulm being done by the govt and Ulama in the name of Blasphemy..

For the last 9 years, Deobandi Mullahs are declaring me a Kafir, Qadiani, murtid, Dajjal... ! Does it mean someone should come and kill me too ?? there are fatwas against me too ...! What does sharia say in this scenario ?? if some deobandi kills me, does that make him another Ghazi ilm deen ??

Junaid Jamshed did the blasphemy too...why is it ok for forgive Junaid Jamshed but kill other guy on the same crime ?? Same blasphemy has also been done by Amir Liaqat, Zardari, Altaf Hussain and Mir Shakeel... ! But why are all the Ulama silent on those cases and under what condition tauba can be accepted and why it cannot be accepted ???

Thats why I told you, you will not be able to see yourself in the mirror if I tell you the full truth.. If I am silent on this issue in these emotionally charged times, there is khair for all of you and the Ummah. In these times of war, we dont need another fasad..

Anyone accusing me of cowardice, khiyanat or not showing love for Rasul Allah (sm) should better stay silent ... you will only humiliate yourself by speaking such khurafat..

Have told you a million times, we dont care if every person on this page leave and unlike it, because we dont give our azaan to make you happy but ONLY to please Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).. ! We have a difficult duty to give azaan and guide you NOT to follow your desires..

Alhamdolillah, we have acceptance in Darbar e Nabwi (sm) and this is the biggest certificate that we need...

Assalat o Wassalam o Alaika Ya Rasul Allah (sm).. Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind..