Thursday, 8 November 2012

Only Khawarij attack Pak army in times of war and Hadees Shareef calls the Khawarij "Dogs of hell" !!!

Let us make one thing very clear. The entire focus of enemies today is to attack Pakistan army and ISI as all other institutions are either destroyed, corrupt or too incompetent to defend Pakistan. In these times of war, anyone attacking Pakistan army, either in the battle field or in media or in judiciary is either a traitor or an idiot and will be blocked from our page.

Those attacking the army, if they are in media, we will fight them in media and courts. If they are on ground, then we will support the army to eliminate them. We don't take non-sense and attacks on our own army in times of war.

General Kayani has acknowledged that all institutions including army has made mistakes in the past but the fact remains that it is only Pak army which is giving blood today and sacrificing its men and officers to defend Pakistan in these most grave times of crisis and war. No politician or media is dying for the country. No judiciary is fighting the terrorists. Only army is fighting and dying to keep this nation safe.

Also, Rasul Allah (sm) has given great Bisharat and glad tidings for the army which fights the Khawarij of TTP and fights the Hindu Mushriks for Ghazwa e Hind. We will NOT allow anyone to speak against an army which is under the spiritual protection of Ahadees of Rasul Allah (sm).

Also, there is a massive propaganda being done by the enemies that defense budget should be reduced and army consumes 80% of the national budget. This is blatant lie, propaganda and disinformation. Know the facts and never fall for enemy propaganda.

Total Federal Budget (FY 2012-13): Rs. 2,960 Billion
Total Defense Budget (FY 2012-13): Rs. 545 Billion
Defense Budget in Percentage of total federal budget: (545/2,960 x 100) = 18.4%

We spend only 18.4 % on defense and out of which only half comes to army -- around only 9% of national defense NOT 80% as barked by the SAFMA snakes and enemies.

So dont be stupid. Know your enemies and defend your country, faith and honor alongside Pak armed forces. Only Khawarij attack Pak army in times of war and Hadees Shareef calls the Khawarij "Dogs of hell" !!!