Monday, 16 September 2013

Why on earth TTP would negotiate with Pakistan if they get these two "preconditions" ?? And negotiate what ???

Let me write in plain English for all to understand.

Imran Khan and Nawaz Shareef would be the greatest traitors of this nation if they accept the "preconditions" of Khawarij dogs. The so called "preconditions" are actually Strategic victories which they are demanding which they could never have in battlefield.

1. They want all FATA under their control, withdrawal of army so that TTP can come back and take over the region from where they have been pushed back into Afghanistan. We have given 100,000 shaeeds and wounded to achieve this victory against Khawarij and now they want all this reversed only as a "precondition" to talks because they have seen how stupid PML and PTI are.

2. Thousands of Khawarij have been killed by the army and many thousands are in jails, which is badly hurting this terrorist gang. Now also as a "precondition", they want all these suicide bombers, throat slitters, rapists, IED makers, Indian agents, CIA proxies released from jails.

Why on earth TTP would negotiate with Pakistan if they get these two "preconditions" ?? TTP is on the verge of destruction. By giving them back lands, bases and entire FATA and thousands of their fighters, would we be making them weak or stronger ???? only an insane man would trust these dogs of hell.

And negotiate what ??? negotiations are to be done to disarm TTP, ask them to lay down their arms and stop their war against Pakistan. But the "preconditions" suggest that the monster terrorists have no such intentions. TTP only want to re-group, re-arm and counter attack from their bases in FATA where army is present today.

If Imran or Nawaz cannot see this, then we will declare war against them too. No mercy here. We are watching their moves, statements and policies closely. They better behave.