Thursday, 14 November 2013

Destroy the attempts of the Khawarij to divide the Ummah on sectarian lines.

Let me first properly introduce myself for those who are in doubt:

Alhamdolillah, this faqeer is from Ahl Bayt, a Hasni Hussiani Syed. My both parents are Syeds alhamdolillah. We are from the family of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. For all Syeds, Rasul Allah (sm) is our Nana mubarak, Bibi fatima Zahra (RA) is our mother and Hazrat Ali (RA) is our father. Imam Hussain is our elder, our family, our ahl bayt. Our family sacrificed in Karabala and we are honored by it, alhamdolillah.

So, now read carefully, what I am going to write. Nobody should give me a lecture on ahl beyt and our sacrifices. That is our family matter and we know our values and traditions.

Today, the greatest fitnah which the Crusaders, Mushriks and Khawarij want to create between Ummah is on the basis of Shia-Sunni divide. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran are at each other’s throat, dividing the Ummah completely from Afghanistan to Lebanon on sectarian lines with bloody clashes, battles and bloodshed. Only the enemies are benefitting from this fasaad.

Today, on the day Karbala, when we all remember the great sacrifices of Sayyadna Hussian, it is also critically important to remember how these sacred Ahl e Bait valued the importance of love and unity within the Ummah. All four Khulfa e Rashideen loved each other like brothers, and were all related to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Two were father in laws and two were son in laws of Rasul Allah (sm).

They named their children on each other to prove that they had deepest love with each other. Today, when you remember Karbala, also remember the names of children of Hazrat Ali (RA) and Hazrat Hasan (RA). Because if you remember that, all sectarian wars within Muslim lands would come to an end. The only reason shias and sunnis fight with each other is that they have forgotten the love, adab, respect and ikraam which the Khulfa e Rashideen and their children had within each other.

While Saudis are clearly on the wrong path in Middle East and have done their share in destroying the ummah, Iranian Shia scholars must also correct their bearings seriously. When Hazrat Ali and hazrat Hasan can name their children in love of Hazrat Usman and Hazrat Abu Bakr, then why don’t shias do that today ? This would greatly remove the hostile propaganda that Shias are disrespectful towards Khulfa e Rashideen and would destroy the attempts of the Khawarij to divide the Ummah on sectarian lines.

Let’s remember the Shaheeds of Karbala from Ahl e Beyt. Their names were also : Usman and Abubakr !

I have taken two shia websites for the list of names of Shuhada e Karbala. Let’s remember these names as well.


7 Hazrat Usman Bin Ali (A.S)
8 Hazrat Abu Baker Bin Ali (A.S)
9 Hazrat Abu Baker Bin Hasan Bin Ali (A.S)

Both Saudi and Irani scholars need to show maturity here. Ummah’s future is at stake. InshAllah, one day, this Ummah will truly remember the Shuhada of Karbala and follow them in letter and spirit. The message of Karbala is not just rebellion against tyranny, it is also unity within Muslims ! If we remember the defiance but forget the unity, then we are not following the path of Imam Hussain.

May Allah forgive this millat e Marhoom and remove the fitnah of sectarianism from the Ummah.