Thursday, 20 February 2014

Indian hacked pages and Pak army's operations against TTP and BLA.

As expected Pakistani Armed forces gave a befitting reply through airstrikes against TTP in North Waziristan. The attacks started late last night. In addition to PAF fighter planes Army helicopters took part.

In All previous analysis it was consistently stated that talks will fail and this assertion was based on the guidance available in authentic Ahadith! If only our rulers had the character and wisdom to take this advice we would not have wasted valuable time.

Pak Army troop deployment is in place and they are at present trying to block escape routes of the militants. Ground Forces blocked roads/jeep tracks/link roads from Khurram Agency, FR Bannu, FR Tank till SWA to restrict TTP in NWA. This was done prior to the air strikes to make them more effective!

Traitor media channels especially GEO might try to spread disinformation which must be ignored. The air strikes are surgical not free for all and the weapons used are highly accurate. Only specific targets were destroyed avoiding any collateral damage. The you also have idiots who will still talk of peace negotiations. Either these people are complete idiots or traitors (Or both). Nation should ignore them for they. We are at war and anyone who talks against armed forces must be ignored and ideally given a shut up call

It is key that Pakistan severely weaken the TTP by May 2014. In the Indian May elections we can expect the Muslim hater, fanatical Modi to become PM whose dream is to wage war against Pakistan.

In order to secure our Eastern borders we must reduce the pressure on the western side and hence dealing with TTP is a must to counter possible Indian Threat!

Here we are posting an extract from a secret Indian documant hacked from an Indian army defence site. They were discussing the support to the BLA and how Pak army/ISI is countering their support to BLA snakes. Indian Cold start is directly connected to supporting insurgencies in Pakistan.

This is just to give you an idea that how far this cancer has spread now and that we need multiple operations to cure the cancer now. Be prepared. This is not the time for cowards, beyghairats or ghaddars !!

khair inshAllah !