Wednesday, 12 February 2014

TTP negotiations, Munawwar Hasan and Shia "Kafirs" :)

We had warned that the Khawarij would never stop their war against Pakistan. All what these dogs of hell have done is that they now refuse to claim the atrocity, which they used to do openly before. Even the Peshawar blast, few days back, was denied first and then owned later. Now today also many blasts have been done in Peshawar and many people have been killed in Karachi also. Now their media wing is saying that TTP is not involved in terrorism. Shame...

Today, I attended the national day function of Iran. Guess who was there ??? Munawwar Hasan Some times back, TTP had released a video of Hakeem ullah Mehsud where he was cursing late Qazi Hussain Ahmed for being a Kafir because Qazi sb had attended the invitations of Iran and was friendly with these Shia "Kafirs" !! Now what would TTP say about Munawwar Hasan, their chief negotiator ??? May be TTP still does not know that Munawwar Hasan had a sumptuous dinner at the function of "Kafirs" It would be interesting to see their reaction now :))