Friday, 14 March 2014

How stupid, myopic, deaf, dumb and blind these TTP khawarij supporters are.

Today I had an interesting incident. Goes to show how stupid, myopic, deaf, dumb and blind these TTP khawarij supporters are. Worth sharing with you all.

I was in a hotel lobby when a suited man, educated looking walked up to me and asked “Zaid sb why are you against deobandis” ?

Me: No I am NOT. I am against Congressi deobandis only.

He: Deobandis have defeated two super powers. One Russian and One American. They have defended Pakistan. You speak against deobandis. Why ? (he started to raise his voices as well)

Me: Calm down and lower your voice, do you know that I have also fought in Afghanistan against Soviets ??

He: No I don’t know that (he was puzzled now).

Me: do you know that I am the biggest defender of Mullah Omer in Pakistan?

He: but you never defend Afghan Taliban in media. You never say that in public. You are saying that in front of me alone.

Me: I have defended Afghan Taliban a thousand time in media. You have never seen my programs surely.

Me: what is your name ??

He: I won’t tell you.

Me: ( I was angry now ) I will not talk to someone who is not willing to introduce himself. I have always defended Afghan Taliban. You have not seen my programs. You speak total non-sence..

Then I walked away resisting the temptation of knocking him down on ground

The example is a typical I face every day with Jahils like him who are under delusions that Afghan Taliban are deobandis or deobandis have defended Islam in Afghanistan defeating two super powers and they think that when I speak against Congressi Khawarij, I am speaking against Afghan Jihad and all deoband. This is typical blind deaf and dumb Takfiri Khawarij mentality, even in so called educated followers of TTP Congressi deobandis.

Those who follow us know our stand fully well. For the sake of record, I would like to clarify that Afghan Jihad was NEVER fought by deobandis. There are NO deobandi barelvis in Afghanistan. Afghan Jihad was fought by 6 sunni parties of Afghan Mujahideen and Arabs from all over the world. NOT a single one was deobandi.

1. Ustad Sayyaf a sunni, who was closer to Salafis.
2. Masood/Ustab Rabbani – Sunnis closer to Ikhwan and Maulana Maududi.
3. Hekmatyar – closer to Ikhwan and Maududi.
4. MUjaddadi. A sufi order of Afghanistan.
5. Pir Gilani – a sufi order of Afghanistan.
6. Yunus Khalid / Haqqani – typical maulvis from local afghan madrassas.
7. Sheikh abdullah azzam and arabs like Osama - all salafis.

Which Afghan Jihad was fought by deobandis ??????????????? why do deobandis claim today that they defeated soviet union ??

Even today, Mullah Omer and his team are NOT deobandis. They are Afghan sunnis. This deobandi barelvi fight does NOT exist anywhere in Muslim world nor they exist anywhere else in mainstream society.

The event of today with that pro-Deobandi seemingly educated man is a sad commentary on how ill informed, biased and prejudicded muslims have become, where they lies, cheat, put allegations and bohtan without knowledge and harm the ummah in their own fasad of nafs. Sad commentary indeed.