Friday, 21 March 2014

The reality of "peace terms" demanded by the CIA/RAW backed TTP Khawarij. Total surrender of the State & army.

let us explain to you the reality and secret meanings of "peace terms" being given by Khawarij and about to be accepted by this pro-Khawarij government.

1. The region of Waziristan to be handed over to Khawarij. army to withdraw so that the Khawarij can create their emirate of Waziristan there.

2. All Khawarij prisioners to be released and all charges against them for waging war against Pak Sarzameen to be dropped.

3. Pakistan army will NEVER attack them but khawarij are free to attack at will.

4. Pak army will pay the Khawarij for "damage" done by Pak army for waging war against Khawarij.

5. Mullah Fazlullah will sit in front of General Raheel to settle final peace deal.

6. Pakistani state and Khawarij will deal on terms of sovereign equality and the terrorists will be considered as stake holders in the state and their opinion will be taken as legal and legitimate power.

7. Media will give full coverage to Khawarij's point of view and the Khawarij would be free to express their opinion against State and army.

8. Cases must be registered against Pak army for eliminating Khawarij in battles. (government has already registered cases against serving officers yesterday to fulfill this condition).

If the nation is happy to have "peace" on these terms, then the so called peace deal must be supported. If we refuse to accept this insult and blasphemy, then Pak army must use full force to eliminate this fitnah for good. There is NO middle path.

Pak army, Nation is with you. Do what MUST be done NOW !!

InshAllah, tonight on DIN News, we will discuss this issue in detail. May Allah's curse be on Khawarij and all their supporters within our ranks. Khair inshAllah.