Monday, 10 March 2014

Nawaz Shareef accepts shame to avoid a war. Now he has both at his hands, when State surrenders to terrorists.

In an unpardonable act of stupidity, the government of Nawaz Shareef has forced the army to back off from eliminating the CIA/RAW backed religious insurgents of TTP, at a time when army had surrounded them in the valleys of North Waziristan. The government is now clearly using delaying tactics to allow the snows to melt on the mountains, opening the mountain escape routes of these terrorists. While the army has been put on hold, only allowed limited self defense response when under attack, the TTP continues their brutal war with audacious impunity. TTP have changed their tactics to further be-fool the regime – one group would attack, claim responsibility as a new unknown group and the main body of TTP would distance itself from these attack, disowning any hand in the atrocity. The government remains ignorant, naive or even complicit in crime at this of national calamity.

The government is under extreme stress to perform but there is no denying the fact that it is falling apart and failing on all fronts catastrophically. The stress is causing fissures within the ranks of the top government stalwarts while the country is literally going to dogs. The economic plan is being driven by IMF, which can be best described as scandalous. The entire State’s wealth producing organizations are being sold out to India and western corporations with Pakistanis acting as front men in few cases.

The country is facing worst drought in Sindh with both federal and provincial government totally unaware of the calamity. Once again, army had to be called in to rescue as there was NO civil administration in place to respond to a local famine. Courts remain busy in chasing the army and security forces over the “missing persons” cases while the National assembly literally remains a school assembly with useless noises and petty debates, totally devoid of any substance or strategy. This is chaos at its best at both political and economic levels. Now even the media is noticing this visible collapse with disbelief and concern.

This one liner from Churchill sums up this Nawaz government comprehensively. Now they have a war at hand and do not know how to fight. Collapse of this regime and democracy is imminent. There is no doubt that it would be at the hands of an army. If Pak army won’t do it, then surely Indian army backed by CIA and TTP would finish the job. That would be bloody and messy. Pakistan is losing this war because a corrupt and compromised democracy is in power and the army is silent. Pak army has two choices now. Take charge of the crisis now when it can or TRY to take charge later when it won’t be possible.

For now, we have to wait and see.