Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Now we have to eliminate the Khawarij. That is going to be bloody. Keep your guns ready, loaded.

Alhamdolillah, the battle that we started almost 6 years ago against Geo has finally been recognized by army and ISI also. The information warfare axis of the 4th GW, is equally ruthless against Pak Sarzameen as the physical decentralized urban war by the Khawarij and BLA. This modern nature of warfare of the 4th and 5th generation war was a rapidly developing concept of warfare and even ISI/army took time to grasp its full lethal impact.
 Alhamdolillah, it was back in 2007 when we explained the concept of 4th generation war, media wars and the "Yugoslavia" doctrine of the enemies. Pak army picked up the 4th GW concept early, redefining the ground warfare strategies - from PMA to NDU to formations. But frankly, army was reluctant to touch the media enemies and terrorists.
 Then we took the war upon ourselves and launched our media war and legal war against geo and SAFMA. We took the cases in the Supreme Court almost 3 years ago, doing exactly what the army/ISI have done now. We started to attack these media snakes in their own turf and on social media. The reaction from these snakes was severe. Almost a dozen cases were filed against me in almost every major city of the country -- from Peshawar to Karachi to Quetta to Sukkar and in Islamabad too. Arrest warrants were issued for attacking Aman Ki Asha drama and massive propaganda was done against my faith, family and mission. Assassins were planted to eliminate me, murder cases were registered and traitors were bought from within our ranks. It was a difficult period, tough time for us and the patriots around us, who were isolated, surrounded and were being cornered. But we fought back equally ruthlessly, alhamdolillah !
 Alhamdolillah, we stood alone, with the help of Allah alone -- without any backing of army or ISI or any other media group.
 Alhamdolillah, then in 2013, DIN news decided to stand with us and we launched the game changing program The Debate ! That really changed the game in these dangerous times, in favor of Pakistan alhamdolillah ! Army and ISI and the patriots finally started to understand the warnings we were giving about the media terrorists, Khawarij and the Hindu Zionists rising in the East.
 And now, when Geo, in their arrogance, launched another ruthless attack on the ISI on behalf of their master Hindu Mushriks, Pak army finally decided to give a comprehensive shut up call to Geo and have demanded their trial for treason and crimes against Pak Sarzameen.
 Mubarak to all patriots. This is a great victory for all Ummat e Rasul (sm). The fact that Pak army and ISI have officially declared Geo as an enemy of the State is a great victory in itself. Now the law will take its course inshAllah. These snakes will be brought to justice and put behind bars or hanged. InshAllah, now we will push this case to its logical conclusion. Death to the traitors. Pak Sarzameen Shaad Baad, MashAllah !
 War is NOT over yet. DO NOT relax. This is just one victory in the information war. We have many other serious bloody battles to fight. Now we have to eliminate the Khawarij. That is going to be bloody. Keep your guns ready, loaded.
 for now, Mubarak once again. Do some sadaqa for Pakistan and recite two rakats of Shukar.