Monday, 5 May 2014

TTP waging the urban war, this is a deadly cocktail to say the least.

Brief Threat Analysis as the situation develops on weekly basis:

The countdown begins from this week. Next week, the promised street protests and charge towards Islamabad would begin by the opposition political parties. In the already charged national environment, the frustrated citizens and the religious right may also join the frenzy and create a serious crisis for the government if Islamabad is besieged. With army already angry with the government, it may not offer any substantial security cover against angry crowd. Police is highly incapable to handle such large civil disobedience movements. The chances of a clash or lock down of Islamabad and even bloodshed are real. So far, Imran Khan, Dr. Tahir Qadri and even PML(Q) are waiting in the wings to launch their street power and the government has no response strategy. With Karachi already in flames and TTP waging the urban war, this is a deadly cocktail to say the least. It seems that Nawaz government is going to face its toughest test yet in the coming week now.

The fraud of democracy is now coming to haunt Pakistam. We had warned against these elections, we tried to stop them, we tried to warn the nation that these elections would bring anarchy and chaos but back then no body listened. Now the ghost is haunting the nation and there is no way out except a bloody payback...

Khair inshAllah !