Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Dialogue with Khawarij or Beyghairat Brigade Supporter :)

Every day, I receive nearly 1000 mails, sms and whatsapps etc. It is not humanly possible to respond to each one of them. But I do try :-)

Many are supportive to the mission, many are inquisitive, many are sceptical and many are downright hostile. It is all part of the package.

But the most hilarious and insane ones are from the Khawarij or their allies in Beyghairat brigades they are truly insane like their suicide bombers and reflect the true fasadi mentality of extremism – both religious and secular.

Here, I give a general idea of the type of conversation I normally have with them. Imagine the levels of awareness I am trying to raise and the replies I get. This is too funny :-)

Me: Pakistan is under attack in a 4th GW.
Khawarij: you are an ISI agent.

Me. Pakistan should be created on the model of Khilafat e Rashida.
Khawarij. You are a Qadiani.

Me. Ishq e Rasul (sm) is the soul of Pakistan.
Khawarij. You are a gustakh e Rasul.

Me. Pakistan is created to fight Ghazwa e Hind.
Khawarij. First tell us your sect ?

Me. Muslim Ummah should be united as United States of Islam.
Khawarij. Why you wear red cap ? are you a communist ??

Me. Saudis are playing a dirty role in Middle East.
Khawarij. You are a shia, an Iranian agent.

Me. All Khawarij are connected to Congressi Mullahs of India.
Khawarij. You are spreading sectarianism.

Me. TTP are terrorists/Khawarij.
Khawarij. You are against Jihad in Afghanistan.

In the end, all you can say is UFFFFFF, how insane these idiots are , truly deaf, dumb and blind…..

Imagine, I have to deal with these moron daily, by the dozen every day :-)