Friday, 27 June 2014

Is Pakistan facing a constitutional collapse ?? Can Imran and Dr. TUQ deliver ??

Team, listen to this carefully. Management of DIN News has changed the format of the program a little to add some spice into it and they have asked the anchor to play the role of devil's advocate and ask difficult questions which normally secular, liberals or ignorants ask. So please DO NOT be angry at the anchor. He is just doing his duty as asked to do. He is now part of our team and learning fast as well. focus on what I reply to the questions and the solutions given. DO NOT lose your focus on getting angry at the questions of the anchor :-) this is all part of the new format of making the program more interactive and provides answers to stupid arguments given by the liberal seculars. so be kind on azeem :-)
This is an important program. Listen to it carefully. all three programs this week are equally critical.