Monday, 30 June 2014

The dispute about the "black flags" or "dignified flags"

Now lets resolve the dispute about the black flags also. In Arabic of the time of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), Aswad had many meanings. Apart from black, it also meant dignified, honourable, graceful etc...

We are giving reference of a Hadees here:

حديث قيس بن عاصم: اتقوا الله وسَوِّدوا أَكبَرَكم.
وفي حديث ابن عمر: ما رأَيت بعد رسول الله، صلى الله عليه وسلم، أَسْوَدَ من معاوية؛ قيل: ولا عُمَر؟ قال: كان عمر خيراً منه، وكان هو أَسودَ من عمر؛ قيل: أَراد أَسخى وأَعطى للمال، وقيل: أَحلم منه. قال: والسَّيِّدُ يطلق على الرب والمالك والشريف والفاضل والكريم والحليم ومُحْتَمِل أَذى قومه والزوج والرئيس والمقدَّم، وأَصله من سادَ يَسُودُ فهو سَيْوِد، فقلبت الواو ياءً لأَجل الياءِ الساكنة قبلها ثم أُدغمت

It is a dialogue between two Sahabas where the are comparing Hazrat Umar with Hazrat Muawiyya. One says, I have not seen more dignified man than Muawiyya after Sayaydi Rasul Allah (sm). The other sahabi asked him "you mean not Umer" ?? He replies, Umer is better than him but Muawiyya is more generous/magnanimous and "Aswad" !

If we translate it in modern Arabic using translator, it would use the contemporary Arabic and translate the sentence as "I have not seen anyone more BLACK than Muawwiya after Rasul Allah (sm).

Obviously, this does not make sense as the next line would also become strange " Muawiyya is more BLACK than Umer" ! wrong translation to say the least. Then in the last part of the Hadees, the attributes of Hz Muawiyya are being told as being generous, charity giver and other good attributes, NOT being black :-) but the word used is exactly the same "sawad" !

This is where the Khawarij made a total disaster trying to be the army of Mehdi from Khurasan, they made a horrible blunder in translation :-) Now if you read the Hadees of "Khurasan and black flags" the real mafhoom will become crystal clear to you.

"If you see the honourable, dignified flags (Sabz Hilali), emerging from Pakistan (land before Khurasan), then you must join that army..... "

Mubarak to all of you, the people of Medina e Sani, the promised land in Hadees, which is BEFORE Khurasan with a dignified, sabz hilai parcham..... MashAllah !!