Sunday, 13 July 2014

Another Beautiful Bisharat -- Zarb-e-Azab

Received this fascinating mail MashAllah ! spiritual world is active to
protect Pak Sarzameen alhamdolillah


Subject: Zarb-e-Azab

Assalaam Alaikum Sir,

I am a Pakistani living in US.I am bait in 6 Silasil.

I had a dream I which I saw Baba Quaid Rahmat Ullah Alaihay in Pakistan.I
also got a message that " ab Zarb-Azab chal Gaey hay har batil ka khatme go
jaey ga" Insha Allah Ameen.

I confirmed it with my Murshid and he said its a Basharat Allah will give
success to the this mission and beyond- Insha Allah.

Also I had a very clear dream that Pakistan is protected under very strong
spiritual powers, at the moment condition seem bad but it's very temporary
and it will regain strength through the very spiritual powers again.

Pakistan Zindabad,Pakistan Paindabaad.