Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Learn this skill. Make an outline of a Indian Hindu Mushrik soldier or a Kharji terrorist and target his head from 300 yards. 

Dear Members, it is time that you prepare for the tests ahead.

While you fight the information war, start preparing for the physical trials and tests also. We are living in the age of urban wars as you are seeing in Iraq and Syria. Battles are fought in streets and homes between regular armies and lightly armed civilians, supporting their own army to defend the country.

Ghazwa e Hind will be a war to be fought by the entire nation, not just by Pak army.

Look for opportunities to learn survival skills, read about them. ask any army officers for help and guidance. Join adventure clubs.

Remain physically fit. start fitness training, jogging, exercises, running, cycling... swimming.. riding..

Learn survival skills, hunting, fishing, lighting fires, living in tents and with minimum equipment. learn to survive without electricity. Learn about basic medical first aid.. managing wounds and stopping blood.

Get your gear ready -- boots, backpacks, rain coats, torches, fire lighting systems, binoculars, warm jackets, knives... ground digging tools, night vision goggles,

Get licence from the government and buy weapons and learn rifle firing skills. In combat situations, long range weapons are needed. Pistols and Shotguns are personal self defense guns but rifles of all types -- from AK47 to bolt action snipers are all extremely useful. Snipers with telescopes would be the game changers in the urban war. Learn this skill. Make an outline of a Indian Hindu Mushrik soldier or a Kharji terrorist and target his head from 300 yards.. This is minimum range you should master.

Be mentally prepared that tests and trials that are coming on the Muslims of Palestine, Iraq and Shaam can also come to us. Losses of family, friends and loved ones are bound to come. Mental and spiritual strength would be more critical and decisive than physical strength. Be ready for very difficult times...

Pl do NOT ask me the places from where you can take this training. do some effort yourself, use common sense and search. If you search for it seriously and feel this is important, you will find ways and means to do it. You can educate yourself on net, ask army officers, join clubs and self learn. There are many gun clubs in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Else, you can go to villages and practice. DO NOt ask me to start a militia army. I cannot.

If you are not ready now, you will never be ready when the real times comes. DO NOT waste your time now. You have been advised.

Khair inshAllah !