Friday, 11 July 2014

MashAllah, another one has sent his mubarak dream. Again, blessing for Pak army MashAllah . these are incredible spiritual signs MashAllah

Asslam Alikum,

I hope you find this in the best state of your health.

My name is Nadeem and i m professionally an engineer. Through your positings, I have seen that many people have sent you emails regarding their dreams where they have seen Prophet (pbuh). I have been thinking for many days and have been reluctant to tell about my dream to tell or not!  So, i now decided to tell, i don't know it would be a good or not!  ...

  It was last year 2013, around August-Sept. time, I had a dream where I see that I am standing on some high place, my head is straight up and seeing towards West side of Pakistan (means towards afganistan). I see that Pakistan Army is fighting and then see huge bubbles of fire explosives like in war. Then I move my head down and see that Prophet (pbhu) sitting on a chair, around 10-feet from me. Prophet(pbhu) is holding a man's hand and this man's head is set on prophet(pbhu) lap. Prophet(pbhu) has a hammer in his hand and hitting the man's wrist. While hitting the hammer on the man's wrist he(pbhu) saying to him ''Why you turned back  ... Pakistan army is fighting"... for every hammer hit to that man prophet(pbhu) says the same words '''Why you turned back ... Pakistan army is fighting". And every hit was making a sound of bone breaking...eventually wrist breaks but no blood. Then my eyes suddenly opens!!  

From the dream i felt that prophet(pbhu) showed his side towards Pakistan army. I am not sure that current Zarb-e-Azb is that fighting or there will be a fight towards afghanistan.

Pakistan zindabad