Sunday, 10 August 2014

Pakistan had CIA democracy and Khawarij Takfiris backed by CIA. 

This is NOT Iraq or Syria. This is North Waziristan !! The CIA funded democracy and Takfiris are two axis of attack through which the enemies are creating failed states within Muslim countries. Iraq had democracy brought by CIA and also ISIS brought by CIA/Mossad and now Iraq is gone...

Afghanistan had CIA democracy and now it stands on verge of civil war.

Pakistan had CIA democracy and Khawarij Takfiris backed by CIA. If Pak army was not there, Pakistan would have become Iraq or syria long time ago. I have never seen more treacherous, stupid and idiotic leadership in any country other than Pakistan. The country is on verge of collapse and they are fighting like dogs within each other and Pak army is desperately trying to hold the country together.

If Pak army was not there to defend you, this scene would have been in Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore as well. The time has come that we remove this filth called political leadership and bring a patriotic government in Pakistan. Else, be ready to face what this picis showing you.. NO time for non-sense now.

All those wanting fresh elections, pl shut up !!