Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Today, Geo, TTP, BLA are mortally wounded, Zardari, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Kayani gone - but we have a traitor PM, weak judiciary & Patriotic COAS!


So army has said once again, loud and clear that it is NOT supporting the Govt either :-) We are Neutral says ISPR! That's why NS is fuming.
This is for the first time in Pak history that political battles are being fought by youth on Social Media without any govt control or check. Traditionally powerful players in judiciary, political parties, religious groups & journalists have been stripped nude by the social media. The good side of this uncontrolled social media battles is that the whole nation has now seen the hypocrisy of politicians, system & media! Now we don't have to argue against democracy, "free media", free judiciary! They have all destroyed themselves totally & fully exposed! Now no sane, dignified, honorable, Pakistani would ever allow Zardari, Bilawal, Altaf toad, Nawaz, Fazlu, Hamza or Achakzai to rule upon us.

Dignified Ayub Khan resigned within minutes when crowd called him a dog ! But today's rascals remain shameless! This is a decisive time in our history ! If our COAS will not clean up the filth, then Allah will send the Indian COAS to do it as Azaab! While Pakistan continues to slide towards a failed dysfunctional state, Hindu Zionist Modi is sharpening his daggers but you don't see that. We NEVER learn from history ! in 1971, it was internal political chaos & disputes which allowed Indians to roll in their tanks! Only a deaf, dumb, blind insane idiot would ignore the rapidly building threat of invasion from India. Now they are softening us in 5thGW!

The requirement is simple -- Pakistan needs a strong patriotic govt to salvage the sinking ship FAST & this democracy MUST be buried NOW! Enemies don't follow our Constitution. Wars cannot be fought by legal experts or by being politically correct. Fighting 5GW is dirty business. The reason Pakistan bled profusely in this dirty war is because politicians & judiciary tried to deal with it with 1860 laws in civil courts.

Pak nation must understand this - keeping political chaos through democracy, creating failed state through IMF terms is part of this 5GenWar! Creating ideological anarchy through media, creating system failure through judiciary & imploding the state thru urban insurgents is 5GenWar. It is a miracle that Pakistan has survived the era of Zardari, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Kayani, Geo, TTP, BLA & MQM/ANP, acting together in this 5thGW. Today, Geo, TTP, BLA are mortally wounded, Zardari, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Kayani gone - but we have a traitor PM, weak judiciary & Patriotic COAS!

Love it or hate it ! Role of Gen Raheel will decide if Pakistan to emerge as the greatest nation on earth or end up like Iraq/Syria now! I would only trust the COAS today in this total madhouse which we have in the country. We have NO choice. Cant trust NS, parliament or judges. There is NO point cribbing now. We have to wait for the decision by the COAS. Nation opted for democracy. Now we have to pay for our sins!

Gen Raheel is NO slave of NS. He is a true patriot & dignified sipah salaar. His is NOT sleeping nor indifferent. Will make his move IA! Sabr.

Managing the State is a sensitive complex matter. COAS has to tread carefully. Half of Corp Commanders & DG ISI are retiring in 3 weeks! Even if NS somehow survives the Dharna for now, he is already too wounded, humiliated & weakened to continue as before. This is a good sign.