Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Know your enemies -- the 5th GW war in Pakistan and the local partners of Zionists



In Pakistan, both Deobandis & Shias have terrorist gangs. Difference is that while Shias only target Deobandis, Deobandis target Shias & State! In a sectarian war, it is the responsibility of the scholars of that sect to stop the terrorists of their own sect, as only they can!

If deobandi or Shia scholars do not condemn the terrorists from their own sect, then they are guilty of the war & genocide & must be punished. In a religious war, it is critical to identity the sect of the enemy which is using the cover of faith to justify their sinister war!

In Iraq, Mehdi Militia of Shias butchered Sunnis ruthlessly. In Pakistan, Deobandi TTP/Lej brutally killing Shias, Sunnis & army alike! In Pakistan, all anti-State terrorist religious groups are from Deobandi sect. TTP, LeJ, Punjabi Taliban etc.. Where are deobandi scholars?

With sectarian wars being used as a strategic weapon of 5GW against Ummah by the Zionists, we must identify their local partners in Pakistan.

Know the enemies - MQM is secular. BLA is Marxist. SM is Shia. TTP is Deobandi. ANP is Marxist. Sindh Lib Army is Marxist. Al-Qaeda Salafi.