Wednesday, 29 October 2014

This azaan is NOT going waste -- have supported the armed forces and patriots to hit the Khawarij and traitors hard ..

I see many members here who are angry with us for not doing anything practical. They make fun of us, mock us, insult us that we only sit on the social media and do nothing else and have never done anything practical. I do not wish to reply to these deaf, dumb and blind who do not see the khair in this mission.

But I will only write a message for those members who trust our opinion and judgement and have understanding of the mission.

Dear Team, Just maintain the strategy of spreading this azaan to the deepest corners of the world and in our society. Each one of you, who is sitting on social media is a soldier in this war of mind control, perception management, psy-ops and counter propaganda.

Despite all the sharr you see around, there is great khair emerging as well. This azaan is NOT going waste. It has exposed the game plan of the enemies, have given hope to the millat, have revived the ideology and faith, have cleared the confusions in these times of lies and fitnah, have exposed the enemies within, have supported the armed forces and patriots to hit the Khawarij and traitors hard and have damaged the entire game plan of the enemies which they had planned in Af-Pak, Cold Start and 5thGenWars.

What you do is the greatest Jihad of this time -- to revive a dead nation and give it hope to stand against impossible odds to reclaim its dignity and lost glory! There is NO practical work more precious than this.

Soon, this nation will be tested harshly and shaken up violently. All these political parties, gangs, leaders that you see with disappear in the crisis. Only the patriots will remain standing with the armed forces to defend this Medina e Sani. Your work will remain on the battlefield of the information warfare. Pak army will do the fighting on the ground. We will protect their backs as we do now !

stay strong and stay firm. This is our moment to fight and we are on duty 24/7 !!! if any one thinks, this is a waste of time, he can climb the highest pole or jump in the Indus. We dont give a damn !