Sunday, 16 November 2014

Afraid of the true benevolent & merciful face of Khilafat, the Zionist Jews & Khawarij presented their monster ISIS to hijack Khilafa!

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I wish Dr. TUQ had said this when the Dharna was on its peak but he blinked & refused & now it is too late! Sad!

Dr. TUQ should realize that his statements had worth and weight when he was leading Dharna in Islamabad. Now they are totally worthless! Politically, only IK is fighting against NS now but even PTI is falling apart from defections, demoralization, scandals. Dr TUQ has lost!

Govt says they have no plan to arrest IK. Hilarious :-)  Can the govt refuse arrest of an "absconder" after warrants by a court?? Liars..
Still, I have firm faith that this NS regime is close to collapse now IA. Govt has lost control of the country, only slaving under IMF/US. Pakistan's new military & ISI leadership is aggressive & taking charge of the critical national security issues. Good sign. NS lost totally.

Nawaz is the most humiliated PM in the world. Was given polio drops at New York :-) was kept waiting in London  :-)

This democracy, this political elite is disgrace to the millat & the Ummah. A patriotic benevolent dictatorship is million times better! No need to hold trial of any political leader. Just seize their properties and exile them & cancel their citizenship! Good riddance forever.

Any benevolent ruler, Sultan, President, King, General, Ameer .. who would implement wisdom of Iqbal & policies of Khilafat e Rashida is OK. This is the power of the political wisdom of Islamic doctrine. The process of selection of leader is NOT imp, rule of law & justice is!! All 4 Caliphs of the Khilafat e Rashida era were elected/selected differently but the law & Justice was supreme. They were all Benevolent!

Pakistan needs a radically out of the box solution to the political chaos. NO democracy or Martial law! Need true Benevolent Dictatorship! While we Muslims remain in doubt about the concept of Benevolent Dictatorship, the Hindus know it far too well!

We Muslims would be most unfortunate souls if we refuse to accept the model of Benevolent Dictatorship of Khilafat!

Ruler like Hazrat Umer have been abundant all over Muslim history. Umer Bin Abdul Aziz, Altamash, Quaid e Azam...

We only need an upright honest wise just, dignified ruler or group of men to lead. Democracy cannot bring them up. Selection by patriots only. If you refuse to accept the given concept, then continue to suffer the humiliation of having the rascals auction your dignity & freedom.

During the times of Khilafat e Rashida, it was forbidden for Muslim Governors, rulers to have personal businesses. NS would be hanged in KR. I conclude this session with Ameen to this dua of Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif.. Allah has NOT abandoned us! no He has NOT

Afraid of the true benevolent & merciful face of Khilafat, the Zionist Jews & Khawarij presented their monster ISIS to hijack Khilafa! Failed. ISIS Khawarij have not dared to preach their version of perversity in any Masjid of the world. Their presence is on Net managed by Mossad!