Sunday, 2 November 2014

Pak army should start the slaughter of captured TTP Khawarij !!

TTP claims responsibility for Wagah slaughter! Pak army should take out 200 of their top terrorists from jails & kill them ruthlessly now! Nawaz has put a ban on death sentence despite country under a brutal war & terrorism. All this blood is on NS hands. He needs to be hanged! TTP's Ehsan ullah has claimed responsibility & he is using Afghan sim & he is based in Kunar under CIA/RAW/RAMA protection! They will pay!!

TTP are Khawarij. They only understand one language - Sword!! They have survived so far because state judicial system has NOT backed army. Pak Army is the only organ fighting these Khawarij! Govt & Judiciary are criminally silent/afraid/partners!! This cancer needs brutal cure!

There are over 3000 confirmed TTP cut throat terrorists in jails. Each one of them should be hanged on GT Road from Peshawar to Karachi!! Imagine! if you hang 3000 terrorists on road sides & destroy their homes as per tribal laws, then this terrorism can be stopped in a day!

In war, you cannot ask civil judiciary to decide cases of military combatants! Laws DO NOT exist for such cases. Only Military Courts can!!

All those politicians, lawyers, judiciary and media who oppose Military courts for these Khawarij terrorists should also be put on trial!!

Mark my words! We MUST eliminate this TTP threat NOW to protect our backs before Modi attacks us from East! TTP is a RAW black operation.

It is time that Pakistan also does air strikes inside Afghanistan against TTP/RAW bases! We must take revenge.

This is 5th Gen War by India! Pak response must be to support 140 separatist insurgents groups in India! Enough!!

Shias of Pakistan should realize that igniting the anger & rage within Shias is a fundamental strategy of RAW to dismember Pakistan! Wakeup!