Friday, 31 October 2014

Altaf is a liar! There is NO ISIS (Daish) in Pakistan

Altaf the fat toad in London is a bloody liar! There is NO ISIS (Daish) in Pakistan. He is using their name to justify his own militancy!

MQM changed its name also from Muhajir movement to Mutahhida movement. Does it change anything in real terms ?? NO ! Just a media stunt. Similarly, TTP's few commanders have changed their name from TTP to ISIS. That does NOT change anything in real terms. Dont fall for lies..

There are serious divisions within TTP these days. Their factions are falling apart. One faction calls itself Ahrar, other ISIS :-) All same.

Since ISIS is an international celebrity, hence the petty thieves of TTP want some international recognition/attention also, hence the drama.

Altaf the toad is using the ISIS drama to justify arming the cadre of MQM and igniting an urban war in Karachi. Liar!