Sunday, 28 December 2014

Pakistan Army is the only Muslim army which is successfully reclaiming the land from these sponsored insurgencies, unlike Iraq/Syrian armies.

There is total panic in political parties & corrupt media over Military courts :-) Now the traitors/terrorists in media/politics sleepless :-)
The military courts are for Terrorists & their supporters / allies / financiers. Every political party has their own gangs of urban killers. There are media houses/journalists with known contact with enemies/terrorists/cut throat killers & act as their propagandists, PR managers.
Pak Army is now an unstoppable force against this cancer of terrorism! Every day, 30 to 40 are being sent to hell! TTP is not the only gang!
It is incredible - from UN to HRCP to Asma Jahangir to terrorists to their sympathizers in political & religious parties -- all in panic :-)
Pakistan Army is the only Muslim army which is successfully reclaiming the land from these sponsored insurgencies, unlike Iraq/Syrian armies.

This map came out in 2002, right after 9/11. Now only in Pakistan, they are being defeated. Iraq/Syria gone...
In 2002, Zionists had mentioned a "Sunni" state in Iraq, ISIS!. This war was called "WOT" but it was the greatest crusade so far in ME!
From TTP Khawarij gangs in Pakistan to ISIS Khawarij in Syria/Iraq - the most brutal terrorists are CIA/RAW/Mossad.
The ISIS is fully operational in vast expanses of Syria/Iraq deserts, in full view, having latest weapons even SAMs with secret leadership.
Which country is giving passage, weapons, supplies, fuel, SAMs & medical facilities to ISIS? It is Israel!! ISIS leaders are IDF officers.

Turkey will have to be very careful. Israel plans to balkanzie Turkey too. With ISIS & Kurds - both Israeli assets - Turkey is vulnerable. Right now, Turks are in a confused, delicate balancing act - treating both Kurds & ISIS as enemies, hoping that they would not enter Turkey. It is incredible that you never hear any media/govt asking questions about leadership & command of ISIS as if that Mossad guys runs it alone. ISIS is a dream Mossad operation - their IDF officers masquerading as Jihadists, rampaging in Muslim lands, raping Muslim women & societies.
US is playing the same game with Turkey which it played against Pakistan. CIA created Khawarij gangs & then dragged Pak into an urban war.. Now CIA/Mossad wants to drag Turkey into a religious war in Syria/Iraq. Staying neutral is not an option but getting involved is bloody also. The best way to kill TTP is to kill its sponsors, backers & base areas/supply lines. This is what Turkey must do also. ISIS MUST be killed. Turkey are our brothers. They must learn from Pakistan's experience. Both, in fighting the urban insurgency & also in defeating the ideological axis.

Afghan Jihad also had fighters from all over the world but not the ideology of Takfeer & Khawarij. NO afghan Mujahid was ever a Takfeeri. Even today, Mullah Omer or Hekmatyar or Haqqani are NOT Takfeeris. The ideology of Takfeer & Khawarij is a Jewish plant in Salafi/Deobandis. The Khawarij in Syria/Iraq are Salafis, while in Pakistan these Khawarij are deobandis. Khawarij is a violent heretical ideology NOT a sect. The difference between a Takfeeri & Kharji is that Takfeeris ideologically consider other sects as Kafirs, while Kharji picks up weapons too. There is a very thin line between being a Takfeeri & being a Kharji. The moment a Takfeeri picks up arms, he becomes a Kharji! Both heretics. So, when the ideology of Takfeer & Khawarij exists within Muslims,it becomes extremely easy for hostile powers to exploit them as mercenaries.
During Crusades, the Khawarij were from a heretical Shia sect of Hashashins !! Khawarij has always been used by hostile powers as tools.