Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Deoband Ulama MUST clear their position after this Doval speech..


This snake is the present Indian National Security Adviser, responsible for waging the 5th Gen War against Pakistan. Here he is spilling the secrets of the Indian war strategy against Pakistan.

He is proudly and happily explaining how Hindu Mushriks are using Deoband to create Khawarij to destroy Pakistan !

Yes, this is the Mushrik-Deoband-Khawarij axis he is talking about confirming our analysis that all Khawarij are deobandi !!

Now we want the leaders of Deoband in Pakistan to clear their position on this statement of Ajit Doval ! JUI, Fazal, Samee, TJ & Mufti Naeem MUST clearly explain the position of all factions of deoband.

Pak army is fighting Zarb e Azb against these Khawarij from deoband who are funded and backed by Mushriks ! Any one who supports Khawarij or do not speak against them will be treated as Kharji !! We will not show any mercy here. Deoband Ulama MUST clear their position after this Doval speach..