Thursday, 29 January 2015

Follow the rules --- DO NOT defend Khawarij or enemies of Pakistan.

To all new comers, Pl DO NOT post any question on the page unless you have gone through at least 10 days of posts on this page. Scroll down and educate yourself first. This is a serious battle station and we are fighting a war and have zero tolerance towards non-sense or enemies.

Follow the rules. We are very harsh on this page and do not tolerate violations of rules.

DO NOT insult Pak army, Pak ideology or our founding fathers. DO NOT defend Khawarij or enemies of Pakistan. DO NOT use filthy abusive language. DO NOT write in Roman Urdu. DO NOT insult or attack Sir Zaid.

You can ask decent questions but they must NOT be based on lies and propaganda of the enemies. All enemy propaganda against Sir has been answered a million times. do your own homework to find the answers. If you are blocked, we rarely unblock anyone, so be VERY CAREFUL !!