Friday, 2 January 2015

Shame a million on Mufti Naeem - Joint Press Conference By Mufti Adnan Kakakhel, Mufti Muhammad Naeem and Mufti Muhammad Zubair On Peshawar Incident

Team, you got to see this. Shamelessness & Beyghairty at its peak!!

We always knew that Mufti Naeem and his gangs are part of the Khawarij. When we asked them to explain their position, they did this press conference. Listen to this and all you can say in disgust is Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !!

What they are saying is that Peshawar incident is bad and it is done by "Namaloom afraad" and they are NOT going to take the name of TTP nor they are call them Khawarij !! Astaghfurullah !!!

They accept that they are Ulama. They accept that they have higher duty in society to speak the truth. They accept that Peshawar is a crime against humanity BUT they are NOT willing to name TTP as the animals nor calling them as Khawarij !!

What else is munafiqat and Islam dushmani if this is not ?? they think the nation is made up of total fools that we fall for their lies, deceptions and fabrications ??? Shame a million on Mufti Naeem and his gang...

Now you say that we speak against them... we should actually hang them through military courts... these are the snakes in our ranks..

They MUST call TTP as the criminals and Khawarij and out of Islam. Why on earth they cannot say this ??? Namaloom afraad, my foot !!