Sunday, 25 January 2015

Those who think I am targeting deoband should read this :-)

Those who think I am targeting deoband should read this :-) Since thousands of people join the page every week and most of them do not follow our mission for the last 7 years, hence are easily confused and think that we are spreading sectarianism. Before you comment, read the posts in the last 7 days at least to know the topic and threads.

My duty is to defend Pakistan against all enemies. We are above sect and ethnic divisions. Alhamdolillah, we are Muslims and Pakistanis. NO 3rd identity is accepted. But since the entire political and religious community in this country is divided into sects or ethnic loyalties and cannot rise above their personal prejudices, so they think I am sectarian too :))

Barelvis and followers of Dr. TUQ are very angry with me because I did NOT support him in Dharna and strongly criticized his stance on Jihad of Kashmir. I disagree with his policies totally.

Shias were extremely angry with me when in Moharram I posted strong posts challenging the Shia narrative of Karbala and pointed out the betrayl of Shias of Kufa. In Pakistani media, there is a strong Shia lobby which has been working for many years to destroy our mission seriously -- Nusrat Javed, Naseem Zehra, Azhar Abbas...

Deobandis are angry with me because I attack their anti-Pak policies and because of their support and silence over Khawarij.

Ahl Hadees groups are extremely angry with me because they consider me a Barelvi or a Shia... !

PTI trolls are extremely angry with me because I attack their stupidity most severely...

MQM, PPP, PML(N), ANP, Jamaat e Islami -- all want me dead also :))

Now what does that make me ?? Every religious and political party in this country has either tried to destroy us to have stayed neutral when others were trying to destroy us. All of them have done the same, irrespective of their sect or political affiliation.

Fact is that our mission is Ghazwa e Hind, Jihad against Khawarij, Khilafat e Rashida, United States of Islam and revivial of Baba Iqbal and Quaid's Pakistan into Takmeel e Pakistan.

NO group, sect, party in Pakistan has this mission !! They all feel threatened from this huge mission which is now moving forwards by Karam of Allah alone...

These days, I am attacking Deobandis because of the new phase of war after December 16th. My war is against Khawarij NOT against Deoband. I will attack Barelvis, Shias and ahl Hadees also if they remain silent but they are not silent on Khawarij, so there is NO need for me to put pressure on them. Deoband is silent, hence will be beaten. Thaat does NOT make me a Kafir :))

If deoband wants that I should not attack them, then they should do tauba for their crimes and say that TTP are Khawarij !! Otherwise, I will rip them apart inshAllah !!

Alhamdolillah, we stand alone in this mission. None of these parties or sects are with us. Allah (swt) is enough and indeed He is the best of the Wakeel and best of the helpers... Shukar Alf Marra !!

Now do you understand... ??? The party of Allah is always small !! Alhamdolillah...