Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Has army banned Zaid Hamid ?? :)

Dear team,

Since last night, I am truly amused, observing the responses of various people, friends and enemies alike.

Indian/Mushriks/Beyghairat are jubilant. Some friends are confused, using the opportunity to add a few sentences of insults of their own, some are truly strong, not moved by the news at all. Alhamdolillah, this is such a great sight to see that all enemies of Pak Sarzameen hate us so much. they hate us but cannot ignore us and our views

But it does tell me that our nation needs huge tarbiat. They can still be easily fooled by the enemies in no time. This is dangerous sign. Now you know why we put so much stress on tarbiat, not letting the waswasa and doubt come to you. Just a news item, shook the Imaan of so many. This is how Dajjal works – shakes your faith because of lies and propaganda.

When somebody tells you the dog has ran away with your ear, then it is always better to check if yours ears are present on your head or not, before you start chasing the dog to get you ear back )

Every day we face millions of allegations, accusations, slander, bohtan. This is part of this duty to face these kinds of attacks. We don’t respond to each and every redicilous allegation.

On your part also, you should not ask stupid and silly questions on every rumor that you hear. We have a war to fight and we don’t have time to respond to silly distractions created by the enemies to prevent our attacks on them.

When you heard this story of army putting a ban on me, many of you are sending me mails and sms’s asking about it. Why didn’t you use common sense and plain wisdom to find the truth ?

Capital TV is owned by Zardari and his gangs. It is ruled by Indian SAFMA snakes. They are full of hatred, lies and venom for Pakistan, Pak army and this faqeer. Last time also, they brought Imad Khalid on board and did a program with Marvi sermed and as a result were blocked for 3 days by the army )

What does Quran says when a fasiq brings any news to you ?? you verify it. You ask him for proof.

First you should ask Capital TV to show the original letter if they have it. What they have shown is nothing, just few lines. No name of authority, no signing name, no date, no office from where it has been issued. Why don’t you ask Capital TV to show the proof ???? If they don’t show any real letter, then the case is closed right here. They have to show the proof, NOT me

Then if they show any letter, then you should go to ISPR and let the army confirm if they have written any letter or not. If the army says this is a fake letter, then also Capital is nailed. If the army says the letter is true, then they have to explain why they wrote it.

It is NOT my problem to explain a news report by a TV channel which deals with ISPR issues. What Capital and SAFMA is doing is that they are trying to put army in an embarrassing situation. If army says letter is fake, then SAFMA will bark that that army has come to protect Zaid Hamid, who works for ISI… bla bla bla.. same old bull crap all over again.

If the army says letter is real, then again, SAFMA will bark that Zaid Hamid is an enemy of the army and thus will try to create division between patriots who are defending Pakistan.

Understand their sinister game. DO NOT be an idiot. DO NOT distract us from the real duty of attacking Khawarij and enemies.

As far as we are concerned, we have always worked alone – WITHOUT army support. We have told this a million times, that we are an independent think tank which has taken upon itself duties which army, ISI or GHQ was not doing because of the new nature of warfare. We do our duty in media, social media and through our paper and books. Our advice is listened by the patriots including the army.

Who can deny that it was our idea to form military courts, execute the TTP terrorists and hit them in Afghanistan?? It was BrassTacks idea and now army has adopted it. What does that say ???

Pak army is our baby. We will defend it at all cost, against all enemies as this is a duty towards Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen. We DO NOT expect or accept any favors from army or anyone else. Pak army officers and men are patriots and love us equally. Enemies know that very well. All patriots and soldiers of Pakistan love and respect each other. Even if army put a ban on our visits to garrisons, it would NOT make any difference to our duty, mission and effectiveness. We have always worked independently and we will always defend them against Khawarij.

So please. Stop being stupids and get back to bashing the Khawarij, Mushriks and Zionists. We have a war to fight and win and protect our army from hostile snakes like Capital TV and SAFMA. Isn’t this interesting that Geo is silent on this issue ?? :)) Now, it seems the time for Capital has also come :-)

they started it. Don’t blame us :-)

Love and dua