Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Heart bleeds !Jewish ISIS destroying 1000 years old masjids, Musolueums of Prophets & every structure of heritage.


Jewish plan is sinister & satanic -- use Khawarij to destroy 1400 years history, heritage, culture, heroes, forts, masjids and Mausoleums of Muslims in Middle East ! Jews believe that new generation would die, new generation would not remember, so the Muslims will be disconnected from their entire history!

Hundreds of masjids, some dating back to 1000 years, have been destroyed... Graves of Prophets have been dug out, Sahabas have been dragged out of their resting places, entire museums have been robbed and sold in Israel, scholars are being killed, books are being burnt! Now they want to destroy the Muqamaat of Hazrat Khalid, Hazrat Bilal, Salahuddin Ayubi and Sultan Nuruddin Zangi !! Ya Allah Karam...

Still, there are many snakes and idiots here who say that ISIS & Daish are mujahideen. By Allah, we will NOT forgive any kharji... anywhere... Our swords will deal with these dogs of hell...