Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Iran embassy National day dinner --- The pro-Khawarij Mullahs were there too and were thunder struck to see the respect we received, alhamdolillah :)) 

Today I was invited to Iran embassy National day dinner in Serena Islamabad. Hundreds of people from entire society, military, politics, media and diplomatic community were there.

Funny part is that even hardcore Deobandi Mullah Sherani, who is the head of council of Islamic ideology and biggest supporter of Khawarij, was also present with a huge team of his followers. When it comes of dinner of Serena, Takfeer of Shias can wait :)) lol.

We were quire a sensation there alhamdolilllah. General Hamid Gul came to meet us with great affection. Ijaz ul Haq met with love. Pak armed forces officers were present and we had a great time with them. Sharing pics of foreign Military attaches of various friendly nations. Indian was also there but we ignored him :-) .

Our work had reached most of the people there and we received great respect, love and affection for the duty we are doing alhamdlillah !