Saturday, 21 February 2015

Shia Muslims must understand this -- In entire Muslim world, this is the strategy of the Dajjal and Khawarij -- ignite sectarian wars.

Now I want to address Shia Muslims directly. It is critical that they understand me clearly.

Enemies are trying to ignite a sectarian war in the country. Next 30 days are extremely sensitive as enemies will try to block the March 23rd Parade and the visit of Chinese President. In entire Muslim world, this is the strategy of the Dajjal and Khawarij -- ignite sectarian wars.

In Pakistan, Shias are part of Muslim community. I do NOT see any Shia killings. I only see Muslims being killed. But what I am seeing is that Shia community is reacting very foolishly after an attack by the Khawarij and are playing right into the trap set by the enemies.

Just to give one example :

When the attack happened in Imambargah on Islamabad express way, few Shia youth came out on the main Islamabad-Pindi highway and blocked the entire main artery for 8 hours, blocking hundreds of thousands of vehicles, creating serious crisis for Millions of Muslims. The roadblock was only hurting the Pakistani Muslims, NOT the Khawarij. This is pure insanity ! DO NOT do this stupidity. People were cursing the Shia community for blocking the road and this sectarian hatred was rising.

Shia Muslims must understand this -- The whole country is feeling the pain of this war, not just Shias. Over 100,000 Muslims have died at the hands of Khawarij, 95 % are Sunni Muslims. Pak army and Sunni majority Muslims are leading the fight against the Khawarij and are giving great sacrifices. There is NO need to create more crisis in the country after every attack by the Khawarij.

There will be more attack. There will be casualties. Stand firm, united with courage and discipline. DO NOT act like idiots. DO NOT burn the properties of fellow Muslims. DO NOT block roads to cripple the entire city. This is what enemy wants. Let the army deal with the enemies and let us strengthen the hands of our forces.

All Shia Muslims should convey this to their elders and stop their brothers from being anarchic. If anyone of you burns the property, cars, homes of fellow Muslims just because some Khawarij had attacked a masjid, then you are not a victim but zalim yourself. Then we will be harsh on you too. Show the manners and character of a Momin, not a Kharji.

Jazak Allah