Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Israel has NOT lost a single soldier & 3 million Muslims have been slaughtered in sectarian wars..


I have NOT found a single politician, media anchor or analyst who has grasped this complex scenario. All in darkness! pic.twitter.com/6VJSjuy0WM

For Iran, Turkey & Saudi Arabia - and their die hard blind followers on media - calm down for God sake! None of you understand it right. First criteria of having clear vision is neutrality & concern for the Ummah, NOT biased sectarian or nationalistic view. All fail this test. Without any doubt, I have found most harsh & dangerous position taken by Wahabi Saudis & Shia Iranis. Turks are willing to Learn & change.

It is a complex sectarian & ethnic triangle which is locked into confrontation - Wahabi Arabs, Hanafi Turks, Shia Persians! Its OUR loss! This is a fact of history that Pakistan is the only country having most brotherly, cordial & close relations with all Arabs, Turks & Iranis. Being the largest & the most strongest Muslim nation, with closest terms with all 3 combatants, it is Pakistan's natural duty to be big bro.

What options does Pakistan have? Fight Iran for Saudis? Fight Iran for Turks? Fight Saudis for Iran? Fight Iran for Turks? OR pull back all 3?? These are dangerous times for the Ummah! Israel has NOT lost a single soldier & 3 million Muslims have been slaughtered in sectarian wars.. Saudis & Turks are fighting to stop Shia expansion. Iranis blame Turks for creating another Ottoman empire & blame Saudis for killing Shias. This infighting within Arabs,Turks & Iranis could spill into Makkah & Medina. Pakistan must send a Brigade each in holy cities to protect.

The holy cities belongs to the entire Ummah, NOT Saudis. Haramain are under under administrative control of Saudis. They don't own Haramain. In the past, when tensions were high in the ME, during Arab-Persian sectarian war, there was massive bloodshed in Makkah as Iranis clashed.