Monday, 16 March 2015

It is time our dear General plan for the future generations & do not leave this poor nation in the hands of Bilawal, Hamza, TTP, MQM, Fazlu.


If the government does not arrest the mobsters who lynched, burnt innocent men right in Lahore, then the Punjab govt need to be lynched too. The State must maintain an iron clad monopoly over use of violence. No appeasement to any political party, religious group is acceptable.

Any community or party, which resorts to mob violence, arson, plunder of public property must be nailed ruthlessly by govt, else army must! What happened in Lahore & elsewhere proves beyond doubt that this country needs a true Islamic justice system, NOT decomposed Anglo-Saxon law. State must provide justice which is FREE, immediate, ruthless, impartial & at doorsteps, else mob rule would takeover. NO justice, NO peace!

The real cancer is the Judicial system. This cancer is decaying the society. The anger of the people is a revolt against the judiciary. Lower judiciary, the first level of justice for common man, is the most corrupt institution in Pakistan & the govt/Judges know it very well.

First Taliban revolt in Pakistan in Swat in 1992 was against this English judicial system. Pak army has also revolted & formed Mil courts. I see absolutely NO effort within the Judiciary to make an effort to reform its decadent, stinking institution formed by Brits in 1860! There is NO doubt that the present judiciary is THE root CAUSE which is sinking the State, its ideology & the nation. NO Justice, NO Nation!

The fact that army created Military Courts is an open NO confidence vote against the Anglo-Saxon Judiciary run by Mr. CJ. Its time they know. Martial Law is a reaction against failed politics. Military Court is a slap on the face of Anglo-Saxon laws. This judiciary asked for it. Mr. CJ must revamp his judiciary on war footings. The failure of his institution is causing rebellions, mob rule & anarchy in the country. Pakistan was destroyed by a CJ, Iftikhar Chaudhry! Military Courts is a reaction to his war against Pak army & Pak. He is the real snake...

Criminal negligence, treason & corruption combined created the lethal chaotic environment in Pakistan. Zardari, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Kayani did it. Thousands died & dying because of the most disastrous 5 years rule from 2007 to 2012 - It is a miracle that Pak survived AZ, IC, PK era...
Nawaz continued from where Zardari/Iftikhar/Kayani left. Equally treacherous. It was Allah's mercy that He sent Raheel else we were cooked!

I have firm conviction that Govt, judiciary have NO right to claim their authority. If army is doing their work, then it should rule too.
2015 is the decisive year for Pakistan. If the army does not intervene decisively, then be prepared for mob rule, anarchy, lynching & Iraq. It is time our dear General plan for the future generations & do not leave this poor nation in the hands of Bilawal, Hamza, TTP, MQM, Fazlu.

Pakistan ha reached a stage now that it needs a most ruthless & brutal corrective surgery or it should prepare for a anarchic bloodbath! What happened in Lahore & in Baldia factory & in Chiniot & in Sialkot & in Peshawar gives me shivers & tears of blood. This just cant go on!