Monday, 18 May 2015

Pak army should kill all those Mullahs who refuse to declare TTP as Khawarij

Its 5 months now since our children were butchered in cold blood by RAW backed Takfiri Khawarij from Deoband !!

Pak army MUST force all Khateebs & Imams to declare TTP as Khawarij, else that Imam or Khateeb should be killed as sympathizer of enemies !

In every Khutbah of Juma, the Imams MUST declare these rascal Takfiris as Khawarij, send curse upon them & support Pak army operations openly !!

The Mullahs of Deoband, JUI, JI MUST explain that why are they the only sect defending the Khawarij & refuse to call them as enemies??

If terrorists have no sect, then why only ONE particular sect is defending them??? All Ahl e Sunnah, Ahl e Hadees & Shias declare them as Khawarij.

The fact is that all TTP terrorists in Pakistan are from Deoband sect & the Mullahs of Deoband continue to defend the war of these rascals.

Any Mufti or Alim, who does not declare TTP as enemies, MUST be arrested, put on trial and killed ruthlessly to remove this cancer ! Yes !

The Deoband Mullahs of Pakistan MUST prove their loyalty to Pakistan by declaring TTP as Khawarij. RAW claims to use Deobandi terrorists!!

Anyone from any sect, any party, any group -- who does NOT call TTP as enemies & Khawarij MUST be killed like rats.
Every religious party & group has declared TTP as Khawarij, RAW agents. Only JUI, Jamaat rascals are protecting TTP.

If you are a follower of Deoband & offended by my demands, then go to your scholars and ask them to prove their loyalty to Pak as demanded!

You CANNOT support TTP Khawarij. YOU CANNOT stay silent in this war to pretend neutrality. YOU MUST support Pak army & attack TTP openly.

This is a simple litmus test to know who is the traitor supporting Khawarij !! Every person of opinion MUST declare them as enemies else...!