Monday, 12 October 2015

My 4 months in Saudi Arabia have given me an incredible insight into the security dynamics building in the ME,which now haunt the region.

Before leaving for Saudi Arabia, our Think Tank BrassTacks had done a most comprehensive analysis on every conceivable threat being faced by Pakistan today. From 5th Gen wars to Phenomenon of Khawarij to the Afghan crisis, our policy papers have now become a bench mark for strategic planners of Pakistan. While I was in detention in Saudi Arabia, I had extremely limited access to Pakistani Media but now I am extremely pleased to see that our Sipah Salaar is doing exactly what we had recommended in our last national security policy analysis. Our voice has reached where it matters most. Those who do not matter, wont get our advice.

I am following the media since I came back and am extremely dejected that our political parties and the government remain as retarded as I left them, without any idea of the threats being faced by the country or building in the region. Countries are being decimated around Pakistan in the ME but in Pakistan everyone is only interested and going insane on NA122 fraud elections, astaghfurullah!!

This system, this democracy, this media and this political circus is self destructive, suicidal and unsustainable. I have spoken enough on the cancer which haunts this nation. Now I dont need to. This system will commit suicide very soon inshAllah.

We will appear on Media when there is a need. Else, our social media platforms are powerful enough for us to raise our voice. For now there is only dog fights on media and we don't wish to join that chaos. Our new working strategy would be more lethal, more secretive and more focused towards national security managers. Our ideological and Islamic work would remain active for the nation at large.

Those who wish to join our mission should do so on the social media. Spread the message. Buy our books to support the cause, be a soldier to defend the ideological and geographic boundaries of Pak Sarzameen and break the teeth of Hindu Zionists and their Khawarij puppies. I have reduced public meetings for now. There is no need for it.

Those who participated in the conspiracy of my arrest will be taken to task very soon, InshAllah! They plotted against Pakistan and Allah destroyed their plot. Now humiliation awaits them and a painful revenge. This is a promise.