Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Zionist have signed their own death warrants ! ISIS/TTP their proxies only.

Jews were always MOST PROTECTED under Muslim rule, whenever they were persecuted by Christians or Romans! #Palestine

Ottoman Turks also generously protected & resettled Jews in Muslim lands after Christian Zealots drove them out of Spain during Inquisition.

But today, when Jews are in power in Palestine, they are the most brutal against Muslims. Thats why Quran call Jews "the cursed people" !

In 2000 years of Christian history, Jews were the most hated enemies of Christ, hated & persecuted by Church because Jews always betrayed..

The word Jew was a swear word in European literature. "The Jew of Malta" & "Shylock" were symbols of evil, bloodsuckers deserving no mercy..

Today when you see the filthy crimes of Zionist Jews in Palestine, you understand the reasons why the Christians always drove Jews out !

We Muslims have always suffered because we were too tolerant when in power. Sallahuddin Ayubi was too merciful even against Templer Knights!

The finest Christians know that Prophet Muhemmed (sm) & Islam only bring benevolence. The lies are only their venom.

Now Zionist Jews cannot complain when they will be butchered by furious Muslims. Muslim scriptures warned of such conflict in Palestine !!

You see my profile pic ?? Its a milestone for Pak army. First name is "Jerusalem"... !! The Zionist have signed their own death warrants !

In India also, The Hindu Zionists are on rampage. Killing, burning Muslims for buying cows... ! Insane Hindus... …

US, Israel & India are now ruled by Zionists of their own class, bringing death, decimation & war to the world! ISIS/TTP their proxies only.