Saturday, 14 November 2015

Reality behind Paris Attacks

DO NOT believe West Media tells you about #ParisAttacks ! There is a strong Neo-Con Zionist lobby which wants to stop Syrian war refugees!!

#ParisAttacks French role in decimating the ME & killing million of Muslims may have come home to roost as well -- "you reap what you sow"!

#Daish is an Israeli covert black op which hijacks Khilafah & concept of Islamic State & decimates ME nations for greater Israel project.

We have seen too many false flag ops, wars based on fake pretexts & fake "Jihadi" gangs to know that Media Psy-Ops lead any Mil/Pol plot !

NATO & CIA have been running secret paramilitary terror groups within Europe for decades, killing own citizens !! …

Operation Gladio is one such secret terror operation run by CIA in Europe for decades. They kill & blame enemies.. …

Media says #ISIS has claimed Paris attacks. How did Daish got weapons & bombs in France when its impossible even for local citizens? #Paris

This dark reality is the truth behind all false flag black ops in ME & Europe! Israel's Secret Intel Service (ISIS).

But Pak Media must learn from BBC/CNN on how to report Breaking News Terror attacks. All anchors were composed NOT screaming like insane !

When covering a breaking news or a developing story, Pak media reporters or newscasters actually start to scream, breath heavy & go insane:)