Tuesday, 3 November 2015

This is a sacred duty of Rasul Allah (sm). We will NEVER betray our Sayyadi (sm) !!


Alhamdolillah, Our Think Tank BrassTacks is the only Defense analysis organization in the Muslim world which has identified the 4th and 5th Generation warfare and developed responses for this 21st century wars. Alhamdolillah, these counter measures are now fully understood in the armed forces of Pakistan and being deployed to defend Pakistan against all enemies in this unconventional decentralized asymmetric war. This is serious Military strategy work and can never be made public.

But we are also fighting on the platforms of Information Warfare and Psy-Ops to defend Pakistan and Pak armed forces from hostile narrative of the Kuffar, Mushriks and Khawarij.

You can join this war by defending Pakistan on social media and by spreading our message. You can also contribute by supporting our mission by buying and sponsoring our books and printing projects. You can also contribute by sharing with us news, confidential reports and information which can be useful for Pakistan. Use my email for this purpose.

We started this battle alone. We have told you how you can join. Otherwise, we will continue to fight even if the entire world stands against us. This is a sacred duty of Rasul Allah (sm). We will NEVER betray our Sayyadi (sm) !!