Saturday, 28 November 2015

Why do you want to stand in the group of Hindu zionists, Khawarij, Sood Khors, Geo, munafiq Mullahs and enemies of Pakistan?

To all those who object to our style of duty:

Remember this always:

We are NOT going to show any mercy towards anyone who has harmed, attacked or opposed Pakistan or our founding fathers ! There is NO compromise on this patriotic policy. We are NOT running a democracy here nor allow "free speech" based on anti-Pakistan comments.

Almost 10K people join this page every week and they are new to our ideology. I will advice them to read our FB posts in the last 5 years to know what we stand for. DO NOT comment in ignorance or we will block you immediately. we have NOT invited you here. if you come, follow the posts with adab.

our page, our rules..

Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Abul Kalam azaad, Hussain ahmed madni, sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman, Hamid Mir, Asma Jahangir, Najam sethi, Altaf Hussian, asif zardari, fazlur rehman or anyone else.. who has ever betrayed Pakistan or insulted Pakistan or opposed Pakistan will be humiliated, attacked and insulted by us. We will NOT show any respect to such rascals..

I do NOT belong to any political or religious sectarian party. My loyalty is towards Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) alone. My duty is to defend the Ummah and Pakistan. Only the worst enemies and the most stupids oppose our duty which is going on for the last 7 years alhamdolillah ! Allah has NEVER proven me wrong.

To all my haters, I ask them to bring ONE video where I have contradicted myself or taken a U turn or tried to explain that 'my words are taken out of context and I did not mean this" !! you can show such videos of every politician, Mullah and analyst but not mine alhamdolillah. I have done over 1500 TV programs. find one contradiction. what does it show?? think over it.

Show one word that I have ever spoken which is against Quran and Sunnah or against Pakistan? then why do you hate me or reject the message I bring ?? Look around who is my enemy ?? why do you want to stand in the group of Hindu zionists, Khawarij, Sood Khors, Geo, munafiq Mullahs and enemies of Pakistan?

Yes, we are harsh. because we fight a dangerous and bloody war alone to defend Pakistan. for us FB is not a social club but our battle station to defend Pakistan in this 5th Generation war. We face risks, cases, jails and deaths in this duty. those who do not share the risks with us, have NO right to advice us. Most of you are children with limited knowledge but just having emotions. Our duty is to to tell you the truth and you should listen seriously. we will not offer any apologies nor give any quarter to the enemies. we will not argue with stupids or idiots. we dont have time for this.

sorry if it hurts but please don't teach us democracy or manners or ikhlaq. alhamdolillah, we know our duty and have come here without your help but with Allah's help alone. He is enough for us alhamdolillah.