Saturday, 5 December 2015

I DO NOT have time to give explanation every time an Indian agent or Kharji hell dog spread lies... !

The problem with my haters is that social media allows them to spread lies, disinformation and confusion without any fear of accountability :-)

They make fake ID's and remain nameless and faceless and continue to ask silly questions to confuse the rest of the members. When they are proven wrong or their lies are exposed, they simply melt away and come again with more lies and more silly allegations or questions. You see this all the time on this page also.

Their lies confuse those whose hearts are impure, whose Imaan is weak and who trust every liar without verifying the news.

Let me give you examples.

They lied that I am convicted for 8 years...

They lied that I have received 1000 lashes...

They lied that I have been killed in Jail.

They lied that I was arrested because I made any speech in Saudia.

They lie that Saudis have released me under a deal and now I cannot come on Media.

They lied before that I am an Iranian spy.

They lied that I am a Qadiani or follow some false prophet.

They lied that my wife is Khanam Tayyaba Bokhari, the famous shia scholar..

Allah says in Quran that when any Fasiq (geo, SAFMA, Khawarij, liberal Bayghairats etc) bring any news to you, you must verify it before you believe it...

In Hadees Shareef it is clearly written that it is enough for a man to be a liar if he spreads everything he hears without verifying it.

Allah has sent His curse on liars, Lanat ulah alal Kazibeen !!

So, be very careful in trusting these liars. Be careful in spreading lies. When you hear a news, ask the person telling you that to bring evidence. DO NOT come rushing to me and demand explanation for every lie you hear. Dont prove that you are an idiot :-)

I DO NOT have time to give explanation every time an Indian agent or Kharji hell dog spread lies... ! I will simply block such idiots.. It is your duty to do some of your own research and find the answer. I have replied to all allegations, have answered all questions. Find yourself now.

If anybody has a problem with our strategy, opinion, view or mission, please leave this page. We are in the final stages of our mission and now will not explain the ABC of our duty to anyone now. If you were not with us in tough times, you will not be with us in good times too.

We do not have to prove anything to anyone now. Our credentials are rock solid, well established and highly respected for those who have been blessed with vision by Allah (swt). Those whose hearts are sealed, still remain deaf, dumb and blind. We cannot give them Hidaya nor we feel sorry for them.

Jazak Allah to those who love Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen !