Thursday, 24 December 2015

In these times, it is the NEED of the time to revive the love of Rasul Allah (sm) as this is the only shield we have against fitnahs of Dajjal and Khawarij !

To all Muslims who are confused about expressing their love their Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and are quick to declare it as Shirk, Kufr and Bidah, we give this comprehensive response. Please read carefully and slowly with open heart and mind. May Allah soften your hearts towards Rasul Allah (sm) and give you firasat of a momin to understand the wisdom of deen.

1. DO NOT take the extreme position of calling it kufr, shirk and bidah when there is a strong difference of opinion within scholars and the Ummah! Calm down and accept the difference within the Ummah with dignity. Doing Takfir of a Muslim is Haram.. ! Allah will never gather this Ummah on Kufr, shirk and Bidah.. ! When the entire Ummah accepts this as a gesture of love for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), then calm down and dont do takfir.

2. There is a general rule of deen -- all haram acts have been defined and explained. All haram animals have been explained. All haram food have been explained. All haram business transactions have been explained. Rest are all halal and the Ummah can develop, innovate, improve, progress in all matters of deen and life as long as the act itself is not haram.

Let us explain.

There was NO written book form of Quran in the time of Rasul Allah (sm). Khulfa e Rashideen were very cautious in writing and collecting the Quran because Rasul Allah (sm) had not done it. But the wisdom of the deen demanded that Quran should be compiled, collected, binded as a book, distributed to all corners of the world. So, it was done as the act itself was not haram nor considered a bidah, even though Rasul Allah (sm) had not done it himself. Later, after many decades, zer, zabr, pesh were added to Arabic quran because non-arabs found it difficult to read arabic without airab. Sahabas had never done it. But when it was done, NO one called it a bidah or forbidden as the act was good and was in line with the spirit of Islam not against it.

For many hundred years, Quran was NOT translated into any other language because Arabic was the main language of the world. But when Muslims started to forget arabic, there was a need to translate Quran in other languages. Many scholars considered it an act of blasphemy or Bidah but finally they understood that this "good bidah" has to be introduced because the wisdom of deen demands that Quran should be spread to all people, even if they cannot understand Arabic. ! Today, all those people who read Quran through translations should know that Sahabas, Tabe'een, Taba tabe'een or even after them for hundreds of years did NOT use translated Quran. Using a translation is a "good bidah", as they say it.

Under the same wisdom, Allah has asked Muslims to deploy military power to defend yourself. This is the rule ! Details are left to the need, technology, capability of the time...

So, can we say that using Tanks, F-16's, Cannons, Submarines, satellites, naval ships is a Bidah because Sahabas never used these things ?? NO ! anyone saying such a thing would be a total fool, whose heart is sealed and who cannot understand the wisdom of deen !

Same example can be applied to every walk of life. Our deen is NOT just Ibadaat but it is also economy, politics, military, technology, social life, judiciary -- in fact every sphere of life. So, the argument of Bidah and innovation in deen is not just applied in Ibadaat but also in every sphere of life which a Muslim lives.

Sahabas NEVER used any of the things we use today. They NEVER used loudspeakers to give azaan, they never decorated Masjids like we do, they never used alarm clocks to wake up for salat, they never used cars, aircraft or cell phones, or video cameras... !

So, if the argument is that Sahabas never did it, then it should be applied to all spheres of life not just in Ibadaat ! :-) Every thing we do today is bidah then :-)

But the wisdom of deen is that Sahabas used latest weapons of that time. That gives us total approval to use all types of latest weapons which we can develop or acquire. With this wisdom in mind, using a battle tanks become a Sunnah, because Tank is a weapon and using a weapon is a Sunnah !

Similarly, Rasul Allah (sm) used every means available to him to spread the message of Islam. That gives us the wisdom that we can use every modern technology including Media, social media, TV, satellites, Newspapers to spread our message !

Now coming to economy and Bidah, The same people who create most fuss about Milad are the ones leading the world in using Haram economy, Riba based wealth, Banks and false paper currency. All these acts are not just Haraam but are actually a war against Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm) ! The same people celebrate their national day every year, celebrated 100 years of their kingdom, have pictures of their king at every nook and corner of their kingdom, even on fake haram bank notes! Is this Halal ?? Did Rasul Allah (sm) and Sahabas approved of this ?? Isn't this clear Haram, shirk and Kufr ?? It is.. !!

Now coming back to expressing your love for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).

There are clear and direct orders given to the Ummah in multiple verses of Quran and ahadees that we MUST teach our children love and adab of Rasul Allah (sm), we MUST recite Salat o Salam on Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), we must teach our children about Sunnah and Seerah of Rasul Allah (sm) and we MUST teach our children Quran and its wisdom.

How to achieve these objectives is left to the times and space we live in, according to the needs and demands of the time and age. We can use any means to spread the love of Rasul Allah (sm)! If the act of spreading the love of Rasul Allah (sm) is NOT haram in itself, it is permissible to use any technology, medium or event. We can use TV, social media, satellites, books -- everything. We can celebrate all year or we can focus on the month of arrival of Rasul Allah (sm).

In these times, the greatest fitnah which the iblees has spread is that it has made this Ummah beyadab towards Rasul Allah (sm). The greatest duty in these times is to spread the love of Rasul Alah (sm) in the hearts of the Ummah ! This love is the essence of our deen, NOT the Ibadaat ! Khawarij do more Ibadaat than aulia Allah but their hearts are made of stone !

It is the love of Rasul Allah (sm) which makes heart soft and tender towards Allah and hidayat. No ashiq e Rasul can be cruel, brutal or stone heart.

The day of arrival of Prophets is celebrated in Quran. The day Hazrat Issa was born is mentioned as a blessed day by Issa (as) himself. Same is written about other Prophet also. When Rasul Allah (sm) came into this world, the entire cosmos celebrated the occasion -- great signs were seen all over the world, signalling the arrival of the most blessed soul of the cosmos.

Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) himself celebrated his birthday by fasting on every Monday ! Sahabas recited Naats, poetry and Durud o Salam on Rasul Allah whenever they gathered. There were dedicated poets in Darbar e Nabwi who recited Naat in love of Rasul Allah (sm). Sahabas were present around Rasul Allah(sm). They did not have to remember Rasul Allah (sm) as they could see him all the time, around them. Just as the Sahabas did not need to write the Quran, or make a book out of it, or put airab on it or translate it into other languages BUT that does not mean these acts done by later Muslims are Haram or Bidah !

The Hukm is to remember and teach and display the love of Rasul Allah (sm). It can be done in any way, by any means, in any time, in any month, by any number of people, privately or official -- as long as the act of expressing the love is not haram itself.

That is why the Ummah does it so passionately and regularly especially in Rabi ul awwal ! In these times, it is the NEED of the time to revive the love of Rasul Allah (sm) as this is the only shield we have against fitnahs of Dajjal and Khawarij !

There is NOTHING haram or bidah in expressing your love for Rasul Allah !!

It is known, proven and without dispute that Naat was recited by Sahabas in front of Rasul Allah (sm). Then the question is " why is Saudi government has banned all Naats, Qaseedas and Madh of Rasul Allah (sm) from all Media, Masjid e Nabwi and Media???? You can go to jail in Saudia for reciting Naat even though it is Farz, Halal, Sawab and proven through the Sunnah of Rasul Allah (sm).

So, please DO NOT debate on this issue. if your heart is still not satisfied, stay silent and let other Muslims express their love in any way they want. DO NOT declare others as Kafir, Mushriks or Biddatis on this issue. Those who say that are themselves drenched in Haram and Riba as we have explained above.

To those who are celebrating in love of Rasul Allah (sm), pl maintian the dignity and decency and DO NOT start practices which are haram in itself like making Naats on Indian songs.. !!

Maintain the adab. May Allah bless us with love of Rasul Allah (sm) and save us from the fitnah of Dajjal and Khawarij ! ameen.