Sunday, 17 January 2016

A most incredible news : Allahu Akbar .... Our Sabz Hilali parcham is the flag of Ghazwa e Hind !!!

Let us share with you a most incredible news, MashAllah ! This is really profound and you need to read it with serious pondering.

The Khawarij have always tried to hijack Islam by saying that they are the army of Khurasan with black flags!! Daish and TTP have tried to use the Hadees shareef in which "Rayatus sood" has been used. the translation of "Rayatus sood" has been generally done by all scholars and Khawarij as black flags!

We had always contested this translation and had said that this means "dignified flag" NOT black flags, as all the bisharat and glad tidings of Rasul Allah (sm) about this region apply on Pakistan, Pak army and Ghazwa e Hind ! Obviously, our flag is dignified BUT NOT black ! We have done a full program on our series The Debate with Zaid Hamid on this subject.. Pl do watch it for full explanation.

But here is the most incredible info which is sure to blow you away and destroys the entire argument of the Khawarij and also proves every word we had said about these Bisharats.

The word "Rayatus sood" is also translated as "The GREEN flags !!!!! Allahu Akbar .... Our Sabz Hilali parcham is the flag of Ghazwa e Hind !!!

MashAllah, Mubarak to all patriotic Pakistanis !! This Ghazwa e Hind is our naseeb, alhamdolillah !